Write A Knight

Love the premise of the Order of the Black Knights? Want to write your own Knight’s story?

The Order of the Black Knights was originally created by Thianna Durston and accepted by Dreamspinner Press as a series. They have since changed the way they are going forward and the series has fully been placed back in Thianna’s hands. The first 7 books are put out by Dreamspinner. The rest of the series will be a unique supposition.

I – Thianna – want to work with authors who want to write their own knight. If the book adheres to certain critera they can self-publish their work while being able to:

  • A: Use the official logo for marketing purposes
  • B: Get marketed by the Order of the Black Knights

I want to expand upon the Knights, not just the number, but of the premise as well. Up until now, the books have been contemporary with a fantasy flair due to the wizard who cursed these men. While that part must stay to any subsequent books, I want to open up the genres. Full Urban Fantasy, paranormal, historical… I’m open to a lot of different ideas. Want to do a crossover with one of your series? Pitch it :)

A few things that must stay the same:

  • Moriel must be behind the curse – he’s a wicked one without a heart. I love that about him.
  • In the book, whatever ‘life’ your knight is living should pit him against the one who can break his curse. For the first book of your knight – I want an HEA romance. If you want to do subsequent books about him, they could be about previous lives that don’t end happily.
  • The book must start with a prologue that shows him at the end of his previous life and it must include a piece at the end where the curse is broken.
  • Your knight must have a birthmark, somewhere on his body, of a broken sword/knife. It’s where he cut himself to get the blood to sign his name – it’s the physical sign of his curse.

I highly suggest you read at least two of the Order of the Black Knights series (Vespar + one other), if not more, to understand the premise before you design your pitch.

The covers are specific to the series, so while you will choose what your knight looks like, the design is set. If you are writing in a different genre, an overall design will be created for that genre. (The only cost associated with this is the cost of the cover. You retain all royalties as you self publish.)

If you want to write your own knight, fill out this form with a pitch (From a 2-3 page basic synopsis to a bulleted list – including the major points and ending) of your idea. I’ll get back to you with all pertinent information.

Thank you for your interest in giving a Knight his story.