Welcome to the Order of the Black Knights

Welcome to the Order of the Black Knights website. We’re just getting going here – though we’ve been working on the series since July 2015. The website is low on content as of yet, but that will change.

So, what is the Order of the Black Knights?

Every century has seen its knights. But there are those that are never seen. They do what must be done, what has to be done – the jobs where nobody wants to get their hands dirty. They are called the Black Knights. First created in the 1100s, these men seem cold and hard, and of some, it is said they have no soul. But for each knight, there is one who can bring out the man that waits inside. The question is whether or not he will kill the individual before he figures it all out.

Check out our website, make sure and add it to your favorites. And follow us on social media. The first book, Vespar by Thianna Durston will be released Fall 2016, with others to follow after it. Enjoy M/M Action/Suspense Romance? You’re going to love the Order of the Black Knights.

Under Books, you will find a list of the books coming in the Order of the Black Knights series. Under Authors, you can view the bios and social links of some of our authors. In time, we will also list the main characters so you will get to know them as well as more about each individual book.